A Prayer for Christian Bloggers and Writers


Today men and women all over the world who have a hunger for You and the spread of Your Word woke up early today or will stay up late tonight. They will look at their computer screen today and pour out what You’ve placed on their heart. They may talk about Pope Francis. They may write about terrorist acts against Christians in Pakistan or Kenya. They may write about new movies, books or even new video games. May their mindset be that of the Teacher who said in Ecclesiastes 9.10, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might…” Strengthen their resolve to work fiercely for You making much of who You are.

Hopefully these Christian men and women return to scripture and build their message on the veracity of Your revelation. May their words point back to your Word. May they speak out of respect for the holiness of God and for the image of His creation, which we bear.

Likewise, may their readers read in similar way. In a world where people abuse the impersonality of pixels, not guarding their tongues with the comments they write, may your Holy Spirit soften hearts to respect You and Your creation. May kindness and grace pour forth from fingers as they form thoughts to be released for the Library of Congress. May truth be spoken out of love.

May your Holy Spirit convict Christian bloggers and writers if there is anything unseemly about their writing. Let them be quick to retract anything that is displeasing to You. If anything be hurtful toward the Kingdom of God, may they be quick to repent and confess the wrong so that Your name and reputation may be guarded before the watching world. Protect these men and women from developing digital kingdoms. The world is already full of men who build their own little kingdoms and steal away what’s rightfully Yours.

Lord, please be with these fine men and women who work delightfully hard to share and collaborate with a growing global community for Your name sake. Their gift and passion for writing deserves our gratitude. I ask Lord that you would guide them to write with integrity. May who they are in person be who they represent themselves to the digital community. Keep them honest. Protect them from plagiarism, especially the kind of plagiarism that takes credit and glory away from you, O God. You are the one who has pressed upon their heart what their fingers type.  May they ever praise You for their writing. May this community of bloggers and writers deal lovingly with one another. Build a kindred spirit of brothers and sisters who exalt You and proclaim the Gospel you delivered once for all for the saints.

Help them safeguard your truth by sharing what edifies the body. May their silence speak loudly against heresy that spreads through false doctrine and teachers who exist today. Even negative publicity is publicity nonetheless. Yet, we know there are times that the press must speak against wickedness, evil and twisted ways that have found their way into the Church. Give discernment to those who hold the banner of Christ high. Let Christ’s banner be victorious over our enemies who advance against it. May Your ideas last and may any of man’s who conflict with your revelation and sound doctrine perish.



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