View-Worthy: 10.22.13

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Kindle Deal of the Day

Magnifying God in Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology by Thomas Schreiner $3.99

Book Review

Tullian Tchividjian. One Way Love. (Blogging Theologically) Aaron Armstrong aptly reviews this new book by Tchividjian, observing that Tchividjian is a troublemaker, for good reason. He presents grace as the alternative to performancism, and conveys how the Law exists to point us to repentance in Christ.


Joe Carter. 9 Things You Should Know About Casinos and Gambling. (TGC) “This week the Council on Casinos, a group dedicated to fighting the spread of gambling in America, released a report on “Why Casinos Matter.” Here are nine things from the report on casinos and gambling that you should know.”

Barnabas Piper. Don’t Be the Smartest Guy in the Room. (The Blazing Center)”I love being the smartest guy in the room, or at least thinking I am. It’s an ego thing. And of course that means it’s not a good thing. It’s not good to be the smartest guy, and it’s really not good to think I am. In fact, all my worst decisions in life have resulted from putting myself in this situation — thinking of myself as the smartest. It has never ended well.”

Kate Tracy. The End of the Youth Group ‘Deathtrap’? (CT) 15 passenger vans are dangerous – many wrecks have led to fatalities in these vehicles. But why? Read Kate Tracy’s helpful article on the danger of these vehicles.

Seth McBee. I Hate My Church. (CGD) Solid counsel from McBee on discerning your dissatisfaction with Church and what to do if it is time to depart for another church.

Phillip Nation. 10 Differences About Buzzwords and Leadership. “On several occasions when teaching, I’ve noted the difference between buzzwords and leadership. In fact, I think that a key facet of leadership is knowing the difference between a strategy and a collection of buzzwords. In the corporate world, there are a multitude of buzzwords (and phrases) that need to fall out of existence. And, yes, I’m an offending party on several of these.”

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