View-Worthy: 10.30.13

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Kindle Deal of the Day

Kindle MatchBook Launches Today! You can now purchase the kindle version of any print copy you’ve ever purchased from Amazon for a low price.

Book Review

Matt Chandler. To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain. (BloggingTheologically) Aaron Armstrong introduces us to the latest work of Pastor Matt Chandler. Essentially this book is strong enough for a mature believer but made for a new believer. Wherever you are on the spectrum, this book will minister to you.


Miguel Nunez. Can a Christian Commit Suicide? (TGC) “This controversial topic has unfortunately often been addressed in emotional ways, not through biblical analysis. Those of us who grew up Roman Catholic have always heard suicide is a mortal sin that irretrievably sends people to hell.”

Mike Leake. Holy In My Nothing. (BorrowedLight) “Ex nihilo. It sounds like something you would buy at Wal-Mart for a lower back injury, a miracle cream to heal your aching muscles. It’s actually a Latin term that means “out of nothing”.”

David Mathis. Preachers, Find Your Voice. (DG) “Christian preaching is not parroting.”

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