View-Worthy: 1.7.14


Ed Stetzer. Dealing with Alcoholism: My Interview with an Anonymous Pastor and Recovering Alcoholic. This is a piercing post that needs to be read by anyone who imbibes or leads a church that promotes imbibing in alcohol.

Deal of the Day

Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent by N D Wilson $3.99

Book Review

Owen Strachan. Risky Gospel. Reviewed by Aaron Armstong here and Jonathan Parnell (TGC) here.


Mark Oppenheimer. Evangelicals Find Themselves in the Midst of a Calvinist Revival. (NYTimes) Is Calvinism an Evangelical fad? Time will tell.

Tim Challies. I’m Better than You. Tim portrays our hearts so well here.

Joe Thorn. Your Hope for Perfection. ( “The desire and the demand to be perfect is in full-effect today. From photo-shopped models who reflect artificial and unattainable “beauty” in advertising, to the superficial but well-manicured lives of neighbors and friends, we are constantly presented with perfection as the ideal. As much as we, in our saner moments, speak against such superficiality we all feel the pressure.”


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