View-Worthy: 1.10.14


Justin Holcomb. Jesus and Violence Against Children. ( This article gives substantive statistics on how children are being treated in this world. Jesus portrays a very different picture.

Deal of the Day

The Holy Spirit by John Owen $3.99

Book Review

Jefferson Bethke. Jesus > Religion. Reviewed by Aaron Armstrong.


Brian Croft. What Are Some Ways an Aspiring Pastor Can Serve His Wife Before Becoming a Pastor?

Eowyn Stoddard. When Women Lust. (TGC) Women struggle with lust too but it may come on subtly. This article provides 4 signs for women to watch for that indicate a struggle with lust.

Stephen Altrogge. The Internet Makes Us All Miserable. This is a piercing article that reminds us that the comparison trap haunts us in the digital world too.

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