View-Worthy: 2.10.14


J. Mack Stiles. How to Create a Culture of Evangelism. (TGC)

But in a culture of evangelism the work is grassroots, not top-down. In a culture of evangelism, people understand that the main task of the church is to be the church; they understand that church, just being biblical church, is a witness in and of itself.

Deal of the Day

How to Stay Christian in Seminary by David Mathis and Jonathan Parnell $5.99

Book Review

Jared Wilson. The Pastor’s Justification. Reviewed by Mez McConnell.


Aaron Armstrong. The Original Christian Hipster.

Hipsters, the über-hip group of 20-30 somethings who replaced the Emo phenomenon of the mid-2000s, can be identified easily: usually by their fashion sense, preferring vintage and thrift store inspired garb over the mass-produced consumer fashions from Walmart. (Also known as the opposite of me.)

Philip Nation. 6 Ways of Dealing with Ministry Envy.

Pastors and ministers pretend that it is not real. We tell ourselves that it is a figment in the imagination of others. After all… how could we stoop so low as to be envious of another person’s ministry or church or methodology? But, in our heart of hearts, we have all felt the clawing nature of envy toward someone else’s church.

Daryl Dash. Lessons Learned in the School of Suffering.

At some level, the suffering continues, as do the lessons, although at a completely different level. I pray I’ll never forget the lessons I’ve learned in the school of suffering.


Hebrews 1.10 “And, ‘You, Lord, laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning, and the heavens are the work of your hands.”

“Without all doubt this world…could arise from nothing but the perfectly free will of God.” Isaac Newton

“The greatest need of our day is for the gospel to enliven first our hearts, and then, our cities.” Jon Dennis. Christ + City.

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