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Valerie Dunham. Zac Efron, Shirtless Men, and Sexism. (Christ & Pop Culture)

Picture this: You’re watching the MTV Movie Awards and it’s finally time for the “best shirtless performance” category. The nominees are read off, the envelope opened, and the winner announced. Imagine Jennifer Anniston (2014’s only female nominee) climbing the stage to awkwardly accept the award, not sure how to respond to the many cat-calls and shouts of “Take it off!” Just when you think it can’t get more awkward, one of the award presenters lends a helping hand by ripping off the winner’s shirt. Appalling, right? Entirely inexcusable.

Now imagine the same scenario, but take out Jennifer Anniston and sub in Zac Efron. That’s what happened at Sunday night’s award show. Is it still appalling?

Deal of the Day

A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D A Carson $2.99

Book Review

Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson. Raised? Reviewed by Aaron Armstrong.


Thom Rainer. Ten Reasons Some Pastors Don’t Desire to Go to an Established Church.

In an earlier article this week, I shared several trends in the employment of pastors. There was some discussion and interest in my comment about established churches having greater difficulty finding pastors who meet their criteria. In this post, I want to open that discussion a bit more.

Please hear me well. I have a heart for the established church. Indeed, I see one of God’s callings in my life to have some influence in the revitalization of established churches. But we can’t begin to address issues until we have honest and transparent discussions. In that light, I offer today some of the reasons pastors have shared with me, explicitly or implicitly, why they don’t see God calling them to established churches.

Bethany Jenkins. Seeking True Beauty as a Spokesmodel. (TGC)

The weekly TGCvocations column asks practitioners about their jobs and how they integrate their faith and work. Interviews are conducted and condensed by Bethany L. Jenkins, director of TGC’s Every Square Inch.

Trinity Laurel is a fashion model in Los Angeles. She has worked for Ralph Lauren, Koral Los Angeles, Kimberly Ovitz, and appeared in Beachbody Exercise DVDs and on QVC with supermodel personal trainer Leandro Carvalho. She also has represented brands like Bentley Motors, Nike, Bloomberg, Herbal Essences, AirBerlin, Google, and Time Warner Cable in North America and has traveled to England, Jamaica, Italy, and the Middle East for work and humanitarian projects.

Rob Schwarzwalder. Why Younger Evangelicals Are Leaving the Church.

Many young people are leaving Evangelical churches. Statistics vary, but there is general consensus that large numbers of post-high school age Evangelical youth shed the faith of their fathers and mothers upon beginning their college years.


Acts 10:43 “To him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”

Martin Luther “Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.”

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