View-Worthy: 5.7.14


New White House Report: Climate Change is Here and Action Needed Now, New White House Report Says. (CNN)

Climate change is here and will only worsen. Get used to more flooding, wildfires and drought, depending on where you live. Cities and states across America already are spending lots of money to respond.

Those are the take-home messages of a new White House report released Tuesday that is part of President Barack Obama’s second-term effort to prepare the nation for the impacts of a changing climate such as rising sea levels and increasingly erratic weather.

Deal of the Day

Glimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman .99

Book Review

Justin Holcomb. Know the Heretics. Reviewed by Aaron Armstrong.


Jared Wilson. Why Theological Study Is For Everyone. (

Every Christian must be a theologian. In a variety of ways, this is something I tell my church often. And the looks I get from some surprised souls are the evidence that I have not yet adequately communicated that the purposeful theological study of God by lay people is important.

Thom Rainer. The Church that Dreams Again.

Here is where I ask for your help. Do you know of a church that has dreamed again? Can you share a brief story of how that took place?

Would you share with me how I can best help your church to dream again? I am moving in that direction, but I want to hear clearly from God and God’s people.

Ryan Hamm. The Twitter Disconnect: Why Christians are More Loving in Real Life. (CaPC)

You’ve no doubt experienced this disconnect. You’ve encountered someone on social media who at their best made you angry, and at their worst made you want to fight them in real life. If you’re a Christian, you’ve likely had at least one experience where you see someone tweet who has “Christ-follower” in their bio and you wonder: “If that’s a Christ-follower, then no thank you.”

It’s no secret social media has changed the way we communicate and have access to one another. But why has it loosed monsters among us? And where were those monsters before?


Psalm 119:135 “Make your face shine upon your servant, and teach me your statutes.”

“The Lord does not shine upon us, except when we take his Word as our light.” John Calvin

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