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Carl Trueman. More Questions Than Answers On Protestant’s Future?

Anyone who claims to want to end world poverty or child abuse has seized the rhetorical high ground in a manner which makes any response beyond ‘Amen, so may it be!’ seem somewhat curmudgeonly. Thus, when Peter Leithart opened last week’s discussion on the future of Protestantism by lamenting ecclesiastical disunity and expressing a desire for a visibly united church, there was an audible murmur of support and appreciation from the audience. I knew immediately I would emerge over the course of the evening as the nay-sayer.

Deal of the Day

The Final Days of Jesus by Andreas Kostenberger and Justin Taylor

Book Review

Justin Holcomb. Know the Heretics. Reviewed by Aaron Armstrong.


N T Wright at Lanier Theological Library. HT Charles Savelle.

Lecture by N.T. Wright from Lanier Theological Library on Vimeo.

Joe Thorn. 4 Ways to Find God’s Grace in Our Failures. (

If you haven’t figured it out yet let me encourage you to see something that will greatly help you. Not all of your ideas are good. Some of them are bad. And God will often let you flail and fail out there for very good purposes. And when you fail do not lose the opportunity to find grace in the midst of it.

I believe this is especially important for pastors to understand. It’s one of the most important lessons I have learned in 16 years of pastoral ministry: failure is to be expected and learned from. I have misspoke, misstepped, and missed the mark in more ways than I can explain here. And failing hurts. Most of us of are afraid of it. Leaders in particular are afraid of failure since it’s always a bit more of a public spectacle.

I’m not talking about moral failure that disqualifies someone from the ministry, but ministerial failure. It may sometimes involve sin, but more often it’s poor judgment or simply the bad execution of an idea. And while we must always take ownership for our failures, we don’t have to be defeated by them. In fact, I have found that there is much grace to be found in failure if I will seek the Lord through it.

Mike Leake. A Thirst for Knowledge, A Thirst for Porn. (Servants of Grace)

Many young men are introduced to pornography out of curiosity. They simply want to know what those forbidden parts look like. And then that curiosity gets more pointed. They want to know what certain celebrities look like naked. It never satisfies.

It’s not only young men that I have been caught in this snare. It’s trapped many good and seemingly faithful men. They don’t begin on a quest to view porn for sexual pleasure. It’s a quest to view forbidden images for the sake of knowledge. 


Ephesians 1:5 “[He] predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.”

“Adoption gives us the privilege of sons, regeneration the nature of sons.” Stephen Charnock


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