Jen Wilkins

The Weekly Review

This is a post which covers my favorite reads from the week. I have carefully selected my favorite read from each day of the week, excepting Sundays. I encourage you to enjoy these posts and add these bloggers to your blog roll, rss feed, or follow them on twitter.

6/11 – The Dirty Little Secrets of Endorsements by Tim Challies

6/12 – Why the Mission of the Church Discussion Still Matters by Kevin DeYoung

6/13 – Don’t Just Wait Until They’re Teenagers by Jen Wilkins

6/14 – What is the Opposite of Excellence? by Aaron Armstrong

6/15 – 12 Differences Between Scottish and American Churches by David Murray

6/16 – A New Set of Ancestors by Douglas Wilson

Don’t Just Wait Until They’re Teenagers by Jen Wilkins

Last night I read a valuable parenting post. It was so valuable that it interrupted my wife and I from watching HGTV. That’s a big deal! I read the whole post to her and we discussed it for about 30 minutes. We both felt immediately convicted about the little things that we do or say that may disrespect our little precious daughter when she is disobedient.

I really recommend you taking a few minutes and reading this post from Jen Wilkins called “Don’t Just Wait Until They’re Teenagers” from the Gospel Coalition Blog.